Tuesday, January 15, 2008

So will John McCain win in Michigan?

Well,that is the question. Currently in the national opinion polls, John McCain is well ahead of all his rivals but still strapped for cash. Winning in Michigan, and knocking out Mitt Romney will help.

I certainly hope he does, as my money is on McCain, but I also back him as he seems to be the only candidate for either party who is not a certifiable loon.

As an example, Hilary Clinton, (and all the Democrats) seem to want to cut and run from Iraq, despite the fact that it seems to be just about coming good now, and that you should not run away from what you have broken.

Barrack Obama on the other hand has said that he will go after the Taleban in Pakistan if they are not dealt with. That is a threat to effectively invade an ally and nuclear power all rolled into one. Brilliant! Not!

The Democrats are also holding a sort of primary in Michigan, but against party rules, so who wins there is not important.

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Winghunter said...

McCain shouldn't win anything while he's running on a republican ticket;

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