Tuesday, January 29, 2008

So what of Derek Conway?

Derek Conway has been hauled up before the Commons Standards and Privileges Committee, not because he hired his son, Freddie as a researcher, or that he was a full time student at Newcastle University, but because there is no record of him doing anything like enough work to justify the amount of time he was paid for.

To be fair, it could be just a case of appalling record keeping on Derek's part,
but as a taxpayer, I expect my taxes to be accounted for, and in this case this has not happened.

David Cameron has not withdrawn the whip from Derek Conway as he has been punished, and apologised to the House of Commons.

Fair enough, just about, had it ended there, but alas it has not. It turns out that Derek's older son, Henry had a similar arrangement, but only whilst he was at university. At this point one has to move on from thinking things are a little unfortunate to politically untenable.

According to this article from the Daily Mail, (which broke the Henry story)
David Cameron would not withdraw the whip for the Freddie offence but would have sacked him from the front bench. Things would be different if it was more serious. It is now.

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