Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Teachers pay rise: Will it anger the Police?

I see Ed Balls has gone and given the teachers a 2.45% pay award for this year to be followed by two further annual rises of 2.3%. This is of course well above what the government tell us inflation is whilst being well below what inflation actually is.

However the problem is that other public sector workers, for example the police, who have been awarded over 2% by their pay board but had it cut to 1.9% by the alleged Secretary of State for the Home Office, Jacqui Smith. Of course they can't go on strike, and their union does not donate money to Labour.

So how will that make the police feel? Not good I expect.

The BBC has this.

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Anonymous said...

Police are part of the problem in society, - not part of the solution.

If it was my call, they'd be over-paid at 25% of what they get now.