Saturday, January 19, 2008

MOD data loss: Three questions need to be asked

The MOD has lost a laptop with the records of 600,000 recruits on it. This is ridiculous. Three questions need to be asked.

  1. What sort of cretin allows someone to put such data on any laptop?
  2. What sort of cretin leaves said laptop in a car overnight?
  3. When are the two separate cretins going to be sacked?
This data loss includes bank details of some as well. There is a very lax attitude to data protection about. People need to be punished or else no one will take it seriously.

There is no need nor justification for that information ever leaving the building in the first place, and if the person who's laptop it was really needed access from outside of the building there are several secure ways to allow it.

There is never any need to leave laptops, or any other valuables in a car. You can always take them with you.

The BBC has this.

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