Monday, January 07, 2008

McCain and Obama to win New Hampshire

Well, that is a prediction, based in part on the polls which are definately looking that way but also having a feeling for the ground covered and momentum built so far.

Barrack Obama has the momentum in the Democratic race, and not only that seems to be able to communicate with people in a way that Hillary Clinton just can't. I mean, if it was a choice between the two, who would you vote for?

On the other hand Senator John McCain has won New Hampshire before and what is more, being a north eastern state, seems to be talking much more their language than Mike Huckabee does.

Polls seem to indicate that Mitt Romney will come something like second. I have to wonder about Mitt. He seems to excel at irritating all his opponents at the same time which is not a good trait.

One thing is sure, Mike Huckabee will not come first for the Republicans in New Hampshire, though. I don't think he will get the nomination either, but losing in New Hampshire will not kill him off, but losing for Mitt Romney, or worse still coming third may kill him off.

For Hillary Clinton she has been set up for a fall. So many people are saying she is finished if she does not win New Hampshire. Personally I think she is finished anyway, but a good second place could just keep her in. A poor second or, worse still a second third place, with Senator Barrack Obama winning would mean that the momentum would be decidedly with Obama, along with the financial support. It would be so hard for her to carry on.


Anonymous said...

The Republicans are just clawing away at each other, whereas Obama is just on cruise control and Hilary is really struggling.

Fascinating stuff to watch.

Benedict White said...

Yes, the Republicans are, though I detect that John McCain may be trying to rise above the fray in that sense.

Obama is clearly well ahead, Clinton is in deep trouble. The fact is she just does not connect with real people.

brettlee said...

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