Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Conflating party funding issues

I note that party funding issues are being conflated.

We had George Osbourne's lack of double reporting over his office expenses, the funds declared to the Electoral commission, but not the Register of Members Interests, and now we have David Cameron's flights, declared to the register of members interests, but not the electoral commission. There may be a legal issue with the latter, I can't comment, but they are totally different to Peter Hain's affair.

Those deluded enough to support his cause make out, despite the evidence, that he went to the electoral commission as soon as the funding issues were uncovered, and in essence he brought the issue into the public domain.

The fact is that these admissions were beaten out of Peter Hain's campaign team by Guido who kept on asking awkward questions which then led Peter Hain to pop along to the electoral commission. That is entirely different from reporting a donation once, rather than twice.

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