Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Ed Balls to be Chancellor of the Exchequer?

Speculation is rife in the press that Alistair Darling is history as Chancellor, over expenses, rather than failing to turn Gordon Brown's disastrous years as Chancellor into some kind of mild failure or even success.

Darling is to be replaced by Balls apparently!

Gordon Brown as Prime minister and Ed Balls as chancellor is a dream team. Well it is for the Conservative party. We have a PM who smiles whilst talking about Susan Boyle being treated at the Priory, and Ed Balls who makes Gordon Brown shine as a communicator.

What is better though is that will seal the deal. No one in Labour (who counts) will move against either because frankly they have not got the balls. (After all, Yvette, Ed's wife has him). So the dastardly duo can carry on to the election in June 2010. (There is no actual mechanism to get rid of a sitting Labour PM in a shorter time frame).

Of course they are also Labour's dream team, but that is a nightmare.


manwiddicombe said...

Apparently the MSM already have the headlines ready to roll.

"Balls Up!"

Benedict White said...

Yes, that is one headline, and another is "The budget is a load of Balls"

There are so many!

Are you working tomorrow?

manwiddicombe said...

yes I'll be there.. .. .. sunburned and slightly tired but grinning!

Benedict White said...

Cool, I'll be in for an argument then :)