Friday, June 05, 2009

On Conservative vote share

There is much cobblers being talked about the Conservative vote share in these elections.

We had, according to media expectations, to gain 220 seats. We gained 217 and 7 councils.

Now, lets make this clear. Local government is currently run mostly by Conservatives who started the night with a historically high number of councillors.

If Labour wanted to lose by a cataclysmic landslide (in terms of changes of seats not majority, as in lose 170 seats) as John Major did in 1997, then they would have had to have gained seats this time around, instead of which they have lost even more.

It was in a great night for the Conservative party, and we met the expectations placed upon us. Well done to all the hard working activists out there.


manwiddicombe said...

The BBC map makes you grin?

Benedict White said...

CaptainFF, Nah, not enough Blue :)