Thursday, June 04, 2009

How to get rid of Gordon Brown now!

if you want to get rid of Gordon Brown, you could sign the Number 10 petition, which currently has 64,901 signatures. (I wrote about it here and here)

The only other way is to vote Conservative and show that the Labour party has lost so much ground. The differential in the vote will show those in Labour that they must develop the spine to get rid of him. Voting for a minor party will only show that all main parties have been hit and so Labour are safe. Giving Labour a battering compared to the Conservatives will drive the message home.


manwiddicombe said...

I think that a bigger worry for the Labour Party would be if they ended up getting less votes than the Tories, less votes than the Lib Dems, and less votes than UKIP.

Coming fourth would be a much bigger blow than losing substantially to the Conservatives?

Anonymous said...

No point in signing this as it is so obviously being fixed/manipulated. I run a web traffic analysis company and have been monitoring this page/petition for the last 2 months, based on normal signup behaviour the count should be in the region of 235~268K not 68K.Extrapolating the count would indicated that less than 0.015% of people visiting actually add their name.. So we must deduce that the recent European elections with Labour's carpeting must be a figment of our imagination and Brown and team are actually extreamly popular...