Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Gordon Brown proposes electoral reform!

To be fair it was in Labour's manifesto in 1997 (because Labour thought they could only just squeak in, and may even need the Liberal Democrats) and their 2001 manifesto (Well there was foot and mouth, the fuel protests and maybe they had forgotten to take it out).

But now we here that Gordon Brown, who could have forced it a long time ago is all in favour! And no, he has not looked at the polls!

Well it is such a transparent effort to rig the voting system it will never fly in the court of public opinion. Even Labour supporting unions are scratching their heads.

There is not enough time to get something through in this parliament. If there is a referendum on it (or even the possibility), then up will pop the Lisbon treaty referendum question.

This will achieve nothing for Brown other than make it look like he is trying to fix an election. That will drive Labour even lower in the polls.

The BBC has this.

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