Friday, June 05, 2009

How the voting went in Mid Sussex

Well,I don't think I could be more non committal. Our safe seats are safe. In fact the Liberal democrats did not even bother.

The situation is more complex in for Brian Hall, (Liberal Democrat) as he has had some issues over his allowances and lack of turning up for meetings. His division was very marginal, and we ought to win it and may well have done.

However we have an issue of a potentially collapsing Labour vote.

The reception on the doorstep has been mostly good and friendly. We have run across the occasional hostile voter, and under the circumstances that is what you would expect.

The underlying feeling I have though is that turnout is OK to good, but we may have a bit of churn in who is actually voting.


Northwest Minuteman said...

Great blog! Another one you might enjoy:

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to Heather Ross for making Burgess Hill Conservative free!