Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Gordon Brown to survive until June 3rd 2010

Well, actually, given that the general election count may be the following day Gordon Brown may still be PM on June the 4th 2010.

That is when he will call an election, waiting for something like the Falklands war to turn up.

There are still some who laughably think Labour will topple Gordon Brown. They won't.

Firstly if they want to mount an official challenge then they have to get 72 MP's to agree on one candidate who also agrees to be nominated. That will be like herding cats, no matter how much damaging infighting goes on.

Secondly there is no way any number of resignations will get the message through. It just will not happen. He can appoint as many Lords and Ladies as he likes to fill in for the fact that there are few with talent on the Labour commons benches prepared to serve.

The only possible way that they may get a big enough hint across is to vote against Labour in the no confidence vote the SNP and Plaid Cymru have tabled, with the caveat that if they actually win Labour losses the general election a month or two later, so they need to vote against but make it close, and in doing so sacrifice their chances of staying on as MP's. No that is not going to happen either.

In short, Labour are headed for a meltdown, and no one or two quarters of growth before a general election even if that does happen will not save them because unemployment will still be growing.

All good stuff.

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manwiddicombe said...

without wishing to pre-empt your next post .. .. .. it seems he's trying to bring in changes that could help him stay there much longer than that ;)