Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Labour lies on Labour cuts

It is fascinating to watch Labour lying its head off on the spending cuts it is planning and has listed in the budget.

The thing is that the only time since the war that there was an actual spending cut in cash terms was under Labour in 1947.

I have already written about how Labour cuts will be worse that those under Margaret Thatcher.

Now Andrew Lansley has said that the Conservatives are committed to protecting spending on the NHS, schools and international development and that will mean cuts elsewhere of something like 10%.

Labour have been running around shouting "Tory cuts". The only problem is that journalists are questioning Labour over Labour cuts. That is making it harder for Labour to get away with its lying.

The BBC has this.


Anonymous said...

Why not use this fact in an attack on why the public has no faith in politics when the "government" twists its own figures and attempts to protray them as tory figures.

Benedict White said...

Anonymous, We will, and often. We will keep on drumming exactly that point home until we can get a mature discussion on things like public spending.

The way Labour handles things, unless the Conservatives plan to match their spending, we are apparantly going to murder babies.

Alas when you adopt that as a debating technique you run out of invective to deal with the BNP.