Thursday, August 09, 2007

Foot and Mouth: Are Merial spinning back?

There is now no doubt in my mind that there is a blame game going on, between the government and Merial Animal Health who share the Pirbright site with the Institute of Animal Health, a government laboratory who's budget has been cut whilst been criticised for potential lapses in bio security.

The bottom line appears to be this:

It is now almost certain that the outbreak came from the Pirbright site, so it is either the public or private body that leaked it.

There is a subtle difference between the virus stock in both organisations, and after a while we will know who leaked.

There is no need to preempt a short investigation, we can just wait a week surely?

However, as can been seen from this Telegraph report (to be fair mostly compiled from things I already knew) Merial are starting to gear up their operation to deal with the preemptive smears of the government and in particular Gordon Brown.


chatterbox said...

Benedict, the Labour spin/smear campaign has not been subtle.
I must admit that I thought this a risky strategy for the government because a big company like this can punch back just as hard?

Benedict White said...

Chatterbox, yes I suspect they could well punch back twice as hard, though there are commercial dangers in them doing so. Then again there are commercial considerations in not doing so.