Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Foot and Mouth: The Gardener did it!

News reports are now centering on an allotment and its tenant as a possible source of the outbreak.

(presumably for What seems to be the thinking is that said gardener works at PirbrightMerial as it is they who are being spun into the frame) may have walked some from the Pirbright site and then onto his (or indeed hers) allotment from where it spread.

From reports I have mentioned before in the Sun, it appears there are stories about of people ignoring bio security rules so arguably this is possible. However I still find it unlikely.

What is more interesting though is that the Labour government which was so upset about spinning and leaks in the Cash for Honours/Peerages investigation is clearly leaking as much advanced information as it can get its hands on despite the fact that this investigation is presumably going to be short and the results should be out soon.

Hmm... So it is alright to leak ongoing reports of investigations if you are laying the blame on someone else but not when Labour are in the frame?

For more on foot and mouth see here.

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