Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Foot and Mouth in Kent?

DEFRA has confirmed that they have set up a tempory exclusion zone in
Kent. This is precautionary while test results come in.

What is odd is that they will not say where the farm is. Obviously the
public could do with knowing so they can avoid the area. Apparently
the reason is that they don't want lots of helicopters overhead
scarring cattle and potentially spreading disease.

Every time there is an outbreak the press get out their helicopters
and use them untill they are asked not to. Clearly the media are being
very irresponsible.

Kind regards

Benedict White


Liz said...

You would think the naming of the farm in question could be linked with a request/order to refrain from flying over (because of threat of spreading etc).

A bit too sensible maybe.

Graf von Straf Hindenburg said...

Kind regards

Benedict White

You mean this is a letter to someone, Benedict?

Anonymous said...

2:59 PM, August 14, 2007
The lad is on holiday so he must be using his raspberry ripple/blackberry/apple/pda or some toy and has set it up for auto name tagging.