Monday, August 06, 2007

Result in Lebanon's by elections

Members of the Lebanese parliament who support the government, and are anti Syrian seem to have a higher death rate that those of the opposition.

3 have been assassinated so far, reducing the governments majority.

There have been 2 by elections today to replace Pierre Gemayel, a member of the cabinet, and member for Metn shot dead, and Walid Eido, member for Beirut's second district.

In the latter al-Amin Itani has won a landslide victory for the ruling coalition.

However in Metn the position is less clear. Michel Aoun of the Free patriotic movement claimed victory for his candidate Dr. Camille Khoury, however this is disputed by the Phalange party and its candidate ex-President Amin Gemayel, father of the murdered Pierre.

Until a few late ballot boxes were opened Gemayel was clearly in the lead.

The result is key, as the government needs to retain its majority and elect a new president in December. However whilst the pro western governing coalition has a simple majority in parliament, it does need two thirds of the MP's to turn up to make the vote corate. There will be more political trouble ahead.

For more see The Beirut Daily Star here for Metn and here for Beirut's second district, whilst the BBC has this.

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Anonymous said...

1) It's amazing that elections are held at all.
2) The results will strengthen Syrian philosophies, that the murder of political opponents will give them the desired results.
3)Now look for some moves to defang the UN investigation. - hope security is good for UN players.
4)Tragic lack of debate among contestants.(reminds me of UK)
5)Never saw this in any Western press, but then again, that would be no surprise,- got to follow the eurinal anti US themes, cringe and freeload under US military umbrella, and hide behind barricades of treaties.
Fuckwits all.
be carefull with the attention span