Friday, August 24, 2007

Youth Crime, and the murder of Rhys Jones

You expect murders from time to time. You even expect children to be murdered (usually by family) from time to time. However we are going through the most awful spate of murders of children by children, with the 11 year old Rhys Jones being the latest victim. (See the BBC here)

It is truly sad to see so much young life thrown away, by children, who when (or perhaps if) caught will also spend years in prison.

As if to underline this shocking state of affairs, youths are also attacking and killing others too. Sophie Lancaster (21) and her boyfriend Robert Maltby were walking in a local park in Stubbylee park in Bacup, Rossendale when they were set on by a gang of youths between 15 and 17. Sophie died in hospital whilst Robert was seriously injured. (See BBC here).

Clearly something is going seriously wrong. Youth violence is on the rise, both on young people and on everyone else.

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