Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Pirbright leaking like a sieve!

One of the interesting things about Pirbright right now, is not so much that it is physically leaking like a sieve, though according to previous reports it is not airtight, (See this here from the Sun and earlier foot an mouth posts for links to reports) but that its staff are leaking information to the press like a sieve.

According to this report in the Sun, lots of workers are telling them of all sorts of safety breaches that staff routinely get away with. If true this indicates a severe failure of management.

The journalists are out looking for a story, and you can bet they will find one.


Peter the Punter said...

Hmm...sorry Benedict but however low the safety standards at Pirbright they are unlikely to be lower than reporting standards atThe Sun. ;-)

Benedict White said...

Peter The Punter, *cough* fair point well made, though actually I extend the compliment to most journalists, who write rubbish about that they know little of.

Peter the Punter said...

But Benedict, you are a journalist, and your stuff isn't rubbish. Nor do you write about things you don't know about. Nor do you trivialise important issues.

Come to think of it, maybe you're not a journalist at all.

Benedict White said...

Peter the Punter, LOL!

Benedict White said...

oh, and many thanks!