Sunday, August 05, 2007

Gordon Brown: Lucky, unlucky or just a Jonah?

In the five weeks since Gordon Brown became Prime minister we have had a failed terrorist attack, two floods and now a (hopefully minor) foot and mouth outbreak.

Some have it that Gordon Brown has been unlucky to face 3 (or 4 depending on how you count the floods) crisis in 5 weeks, while others say he is lucky because those events have shown him to be statesmanlike and will help him gain votes.

Interesting debate.

However perhaps he is just a Jonah, bringing us all bad luck? Anyone considered that?

I wonder what the odds are on a plague of frogs?


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

A jonah???
Yeah, thats about right.
Product of a whales belly, - - PUKE

Benedict White said...

Anonymous at 4.31, if you want to post yard long articles, get your own blog.

Anonymous at 7.10, not quite what I had in mind but there you go!

Gordon and the whale said...

Maybe we should feed him to the big fish that's allegedly terrorising the waters of Cornwall? I'd sleep easier for one Benedict!

Anonymous said...

Thats right, remove another post detailing corruption in political circles.
Thats what politics is about.
Hiding the truth about political moves.
Proves your worth, don't you think?
Or maybe it's your short attention span?
Do you need a map to find your way to work each day?.
Three paragraphs your limit?
Or do we count in number of words?
Too many themes bother you?
How do you remember your way home?
Physicist my ass!
Lebanon, yeah!, but can you find it?
Place your bets.

Benedict White said...

Anonymous at 11:58, *cough* get your own blog if you want to write 10 yard long articles.

That way, if you want to, you can always put a link in a comment, and if people want to read it they can.

On the Lebanon, I am just about to write an article about the election results there.

Anonymous said...

Gary Titley, a British MEP,
is a self serving traitor to the UK

read all about it here

Anonymous said...

Concerning Lebanon, this may interest you.
The Great Satan is trying to help!

US orders property of anti-democracy forces in Lebanon blocked

The President of the United States has issued an Executive Order blocking the property of any individual or entity that undermines Lebanon’s democracy or causes a breakdown in the rule of law in that country, contributes to Syrian interference in Lebanon, or contributes to political or economic instability.

The order will effectively block any property or assets held in US financial institutions, whether in America or abroad, of any person determined:

* To have taken, or pose a significant risk of taking, actions, including acts of violence,that have the purpose or effect of undermining lebanon’s democratic processes or institutions, contributing to the breakdown of the rule of law in Lebanon, supporting reassertion of Syrian control or otherwise contributing to Syrian interference in Lebanon, or infringing upon or undermining Lebanese sovereignty.

* To have materially assisted, sponsored or provided financial, material or technological support for, or goods or services in support of, such actions, including acts of violence, or any person whose property and interests in property are blocked pursuant to this order.

* To be a spouse or dependent child of any person whose property and interests in property are blocked pursuant to this order.

* To be owned or controlled by, or acting or purporting to act for, or on behalf of, directly or indirectly, any person whose property and interests in property are blocked pursuant to this order.

President Bush declared that he considered the matter to constitute “an unusual and extraordinary threat to the national security and foreign policy of the United States,” and he declared a national emergency to deal with that threat.

There has not yet been any response to this order from any Lebanese or Syrian political group or faction.

Hope this post is not tooo long for you.

Benedict White said...

Anonymous at 12:50, Should that not have been posted here:

However that looks like a bit of posturing unless the right people can be identified.

In reality it requires assets on the ground digging around though.

ChrisD said...

Benedict the odds on a plague of frogs just shortened considerable up in my neck of the woods!
Brown must be hoping that the voters don't start coming to that conclusion as well.
All this reminds me of an Billy Connelly joke about a man recounting all the disasters in his life, the fact that his wife stood solid beside him throughout all the adversity finally led him to believe that she had been a bl**dy jinx!

Anonymous said...

if you want to write 10 yard long articles.
Carefull, - you'll have the EU thought police, no, weights and measures, no trading standards, twisting your bollocks.
Isn't it PC to say metres, or some such asinine gobbledigook.
What is a metre anyway?
Wave length of Kryptonite? or Argon? - or plutonium-186, you know, with a charge of +94. You know, 94 protons in the nucleus, and 92 neutrons. Makes as much sense in this universe as the EU, or the metre!
Maybe A fraction of the polar circumference? - - No, that can't be right, the planet is an oblate, so a degree projected on to the polar circumference will measure a different surface measure according to where it is projected.
Idiotic frogs. Yeah, thats it, idiotic frogs, gotta appease them or they'll cry!
Isac Newton knew they spoke crap!
Ignored their surveys as the work of idiots!