Saturday, August 04, 2007

Foot and mouth outbreak. It is about to get worse

I have been trying to follow the news on the foot and mouth outbreak to find out what sort of farm the out break happened on.

It seems it is a beef fattening farm. this is not good news. It is the sort of business where cattle come and go on a regular basis. It does explain how the farm could have got the disease, and that is by movements of cattle to the farm.

The net result is that there may well be another farm out there with foot and mouth, and worse still, it could have sold cattle all over the country as well as having cross infecting cattle at market.

With a bit of luck though, it won't get that bad. The right actions appear to have been taken in the early stages. now what we need is the paper trail followed up, through to the markets from which this farms cattle came from, and all the farms that have been in contact with those animals.

It will be a lot of work.


Peter the Punter said...

Thanks for the info, Benny.

My recollection is that the previous outbreak emanated from a farm with poor husbandry and irresponsible attitudes. It sounds like the farmer in this case acted promptly.

Fingers crossed.

Lord Trafalgar Rock Pigeon said...

It is a constant problem in Britain, this and BSE and what ahve you. The French farmers must be rubbing their hands in glee.

Anonymous said...

You think, Trafalgar, that farmers in any country 'rub their hands in glee' at the troubles of farmers elsewhere?

Peter the Punter said...

Sorry, that last post was not 'anonymous'. I forgot to sign my name.

flashgordonnz said...

"There, but for the grace of ISM, go I" I think is the actual reaction of farmers eslewhere.

Anonymous said...

You are all talking a load of bollocks. Why don't you research the facts?

Benedict White said...

Peter the Punter, many thanks, i share the recollection. As it happens if it did come from Pirbright the out break is likely to be less. widespread.

Lord trafalgar, I don't know. some may be but I would have thought a lot had some sympathy.

Peter the Punter, who knows.

Flashgordonz, what is ISM?

Anonymous at 7:08, What is bollocks exactly? Other than your comment of course. Be specific.