Sunday, August 19, 2007

Oil prices set to rise

It is with regret that I expect oil prices to rise, as hurricane Dean threatens oil platforms in the Gulf of Mexico.

Rather oddly summer in the USA causes an increase in oil usage as Americans get in the cars with engines that are impracticably large and set off around the USA so pushing up prices anyway. However after hurricane Katrina disrupted oils supplies in 2005, expect worries about hurricane Dean to drive up oil prices as at this stage, Dean is stronger than Katrina was at a similar stage.

With a bit of luck it won't do too much damage, however as the sea in the gulf gets hotter year by year so the hurricanes get stronger.


Anonymous said...

however as the sea in the gulf gets hotter year by year so the hurricanes get stronger.
So, you reckon global warming is for real?
Links? - Evidence? (not political bandwagon evidence), - scientific evidence?
Are the scientists unbiased, - funding origins?
Well, what you got?

Sir James Beiggelschwarz said...

This will do for starters, anonymous, who won't come out from behind his pseudonym:

Digest that for a couple of days, each link, all the stats and promise you won't jsut gloss over it.

Now my turn for a question to you:.

Links? - Evidence? (not political bandwagon evidence), - scientific evidence?

Absolutely none, is there? It's your onus to disprove what is bleedin obvvious to anyone who looks out of a window.


Anonymous said...

Dean will not affect the oil platforms in the GOM. It will travel across Yucatan into the Bay of Campeche. A few days ago, when this became clear, oil dropped by nearly 4%. If it does rise again it will be speculators or another Hurricane.

Anonymous said...

They haven,t gone up yet, over the last few months the Shell Petrol place I go to the price of petrol has been 93.9p went today and the price is 92.9p a penny down,that's all I can go on.

Lord Nazh© said...

James stop spreading propaganda :)

Lord Nazh© said...

"Absolutely none, is there? It's your onus to disprove what is bleedin obvvious to anyone who looks out of a window.


Hate to break it to you James. When you joined the Church of man-made GW then the onus to prove such fell to you. Your side isn't do that good of a job, it is doing well at silencing 'deniers' and making prop. movies though.

Remember, there was no SUV's the last time the Earth warmed up (then cooled down) so maybe it's not man-made?

The hottest temps this past century were in the 30's (with close ties to 90's) yet the CO2 content more than tripled. So you think the link is still good?

Benedict White said...

Anonymous, there is no doubt that the world is warming, the only question is whether it is man made or not.

See this report:

which seems to say all planets in the solar system are warming.

Sea temperatures vary but have apparently risen by a degree centigrade or so.

I may be wrong, but I thought that the stronger hurricanes occurred later in the season also.

Stepenwolf, speculators may well drive it up, but yes the updates now show that it is unlikely to hit Texas, however are thee not other oil installations in the GOM?

Anonymous said...

which seems to say all planets in the solar system are warming.
So how long have we been monitoring "all planets"?
How long is needed for a trend?
You read things and parrot them without thinking.
IF all planets are warming, well, are homo-sapiens there too?
Or could it be other factors?
Sun spots?
IF that is true, why Kyoto?
This planet will begin to cool after 2025+/-.
And no, if you are the expert, find your own links.
Sir James Asshole, - evolve, and grow a brain.
Also, engage "spell check", if it's possible it may improve your image.
And no, I don't take questions from vocal Assholes.

Anonymous said...

Watching CNN they reported that there are oil installations in the Bay of Campeche and Shell have evacuated 300 staff and 200 more are due to be lifted off. However, they did this with TS Erin for some reason when max winds were 40mph and that had no effect on oil prices. Until a hurricane moves into the central GOM and moves towards Houston or NOLA prices will continue to be driven by speculators driving it higher or by people getting cash to help in the credit crunch by selling oil.

flashgordonnz said...

The solar system is slowing collapsing in its old age. So the planets are getting closer to the sun. This has an immediate effect on temprtures on planets with no atmsphere.

I can't quote any sources for this (as I only made this up right now) but you can't deny the truthiness of it. If you DO try to disputemy conclusion (peer reviewed as it is by other patrons at the Rose & Crown), I WILL JUST HAVE TO SHOUT LOUDER THAN YOU!

Timothy (likes zebras) said...

Oh, please.

My link is

Contained therein you will see the evidence that solar output has been constant for the last few decades. It can't account for the recent warming.

Incidentally on the "funding" issue, some climate research groups have worried that, now that they have convinced governments of the need to tackle global warming, they would see their funding cut, because of the absence of "doubt".

It could be argued it would have been in the scientists financial interests to prolong a "debate", instead of presenting a nearly unanimous consensus as they have done.

Most of the hottest years (globally) have been since 1990, with, I think 1946 standing out as an earlier year included. The reasons for the temperature variations over the past century are now quite well understood (solar forcing, aerosols, volcanic activity, CO2 and other GHGs, land-use change). Your specious arguments make no difference to this.

On hurricanes, it is not contested that warmer SSTs will increase the strength of individual hurricanes, however, circulation changes may increase wind-shear, inhibiting hurricane formation. This is, as they say, an active area of research...