Friday, August 31, 2007

Marriage, Telling it how it is

Yesterday on Newsnight there was an interview with David Cameron, my favourite economics correspondent and the daughter of one of my favourite musicians, Stephanie Flanders.

From my point of view it told me nothing new, but then as I am a Conservative, you would hope I had a clue about the thinking of the Conservative party.

Opinions have varied as to whether David Cameron came off well or not. Most say he did.

The one point in question is when Stephanie Flanders said that she had a child, and asked if David Cameron if he thought she should be married.

We do not know by whom she had this child, nor the relationship she has with the child's father.

David Cameron laid out in fluffy language what the Conservative party position is.

I would have been somewhat more direct.

My position would have been this:

The Conservative party believes that marriage is the best option.

If elected we will make it clear that marriage is the best option.

We will, if elected reduce the penalty of getting married.

What you, as an individual do with your own life, is your own choice.

End of discussion.

Newssnight's infuriatingly hard to link to what you want to web page is here. I would link direct to the show or any articles written about it there, but obviously the person who runs that website is a muppet.


Anonymous said...

Personally I think marriages and parents with young children should be given major tax breaks. Ive no problem with this being extended to civil partnerships. As far as I'm concerned being in a legal partnership (marriage, CP) is one thing, having children is another. Both need to be rewarded through tax-breaks.

flashgordonnz said...

Ah, being a parent is reward enough!

As a middle-class parent I already get tax breaks of sorts: subsidised medical, schools, stakeholder pension. WhyTF should I expect working class childless couples and the retired pay more taxes to subsidise me?
Stop the transfer of wealth from those who earn it (and need it) to those of us who choose to become parents. I'd rather have a tax cut, thank you.

(Yes I am a genuine parent (2 boys of 4.5 and 2yrs), and yes I do take advantage of the stupid handouts going: it would be rude not to! But...I'D RATHER WE ALL HAD A TAX CUT!!!!)

Benedict White said...

Interesting difference in view points here.

The point of the measure is that it is one which starts to say that marriage is best. it is not much more tan a signal, but is an important one.