Sunday, September 02, 2007

Everyone wants a Referendum except Gordon Brown!

It seems that on the question of the EU Constitution or treaty if you prefer everyone wants a referendum. Pro Europeans want one, even the leader in today's Observer wants one running the headline:

This cowardly refusal to make the political case for Europe

The problem is this however. There is no case or desire for the Europe that Europe's political elites want to build. All over Europe people want an European union, but they don't want one that interferes quite so much and they certainly do not one with an overarching identity.

Want they do want is free-ish trade and co operation between governments where possible.

Someone needs to make the case for not driving headlong into a European super state, and in part that is what David Cameron is doing by leaving the EPP (European Peoples Party) grouping in the European parliament and forming a new group of right of center parties less keen on massive integration.


Anonymous said...

Stop pulling your plonker, Benny.
He was gonna do that ages ago.
Talk is cheap, and thats all he's got.

ChrisD said...

Interesting times ahead. After many years watching the Conservatives rip themselves apart over Europe it is interesting to see this rebellion within the Labour ranks.
The fact that there is such a broad tent of eurosceptics and europhiles demanding a referendum will put more pressure on Brown, it should also neutralise the accusations of the Conservative party being the only party obsessed with the EU. We might even get a proper grown up debate on the issue!
We forget that the Labour party have previous form when it comes to rebelling against the EU question.