Saturday, September 22, 2007

Gordon Brown's Latest Gimmick

I have to say I am quite surprised by Gordon Brown's latest gimmick.

Apparently he has ordered that every hospital should be "deep cleaned" as in shut down ward by ward and effectively disinfected bit by bit.

The purpose is to rid hospitals of the so called "super bug" MRSA and other hospital acquired infections. This is of course a laudable aim, however if that was all that was required, both John Major's government and Tony Blair's would have as well.

It could make hospitals MRSA free, but only if you don't allow patients and staff back in afterwards, particularly ill ones.

What is needed is good solid discipline on things like hand cleaning.

The BBC has this.

Sorry blogging has been light, I have been working on anti spam systems.

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steph said...

Thanks for spotlighting the topic of MRSA control.

You're so right - this is just another gimmick (and PR exercise) from Gordon Brown. Hospitals should be routinely deep-cleansed anyway - regardless of MRSA statistics. What is needed is a complete change of culture in the management of infection control. As you say, to target one area will be completely ineffective. It will inevitably result in cutbacks elsewhere and on and on the story goes!