Saturday, September 01, 2007

Jackson's scathing criticism of the USA in Iraq

The Telegraph carries an article today about the forthcoming auto biography of General Sir Mike Jackson, called "Soldier" after 45 years in the army.

The article carries some of the criticisms in his book. Specific areas of complaint are:

  • The pentagon was put in charge of post war Iraq.
  • That there was no effective plan for post war Iraq, as Donald Rumsfeld had thrown the State departments one in the bin.
  • There were not enough troops to bring order. General Jackson estimates we should have had 400,000 yet even in the surge it is proving difficult to reach half that number.
  • Disbanding the Iraqi army was a bad idea.
It has to be said I agree with all those criticisms. It was clear that some things were mistakes as they happened and you did not need hind sight to do so. The problem is Donald Rumsfeld did not listen at the time and generals in the Pentagon who disagreed ended up retiring early.

I have my own take on the mess in Iraq which covers more areas, here.

You can read more about Iraq here.


Ordovicius said...

Rumsfeld: a cross beteen the Antichrist and Frank Spencer

Benedict White said...

Ordovicius, Frank Spencer has just been on the phone complaining he was never that incompetent and he wants your address to sue :)

Great way of putting it by the way!

Anonymous said...

Shame he never had the balls to do something about it whilst serving. How moral courage surfaces when plugging your memoirs. I am a soldier and weep at the many good men and women who have lost their lives or been injured because of the turmoil after the war. Shame on you General and Tim Cross. Neither of you did anything when you could have.Richard Dannet spoke out whilst wearing uniform. So General Mike, perhaps a few bob from your book advance and sales towards LBdr Ben Parkinsons legal costs might be appropriate. Thought not. Tosser.

anon said...

So a Gen wants to make a few bob.
With facts that have been common knowledge for 2+years.
A Gen who kept his gob shot when it should have been open.
And his eyes shut during "operation facelift" when they should have been open.
Go screw yourself.