Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The McCann's, the backlash begins.

It is with a huge amount of regret that I see this story developing.

I noted that Gerry McCann asked for privacy and all the news outlets sat around talking about how that was what they asked for, looking for new comments rather than taking the hint.

The story moves on now, with leaks, allegedly from the forensic service in Birmingham, that the "DNA" from the hire car hired 25 days after her disappearance is definitely Madeleine's and must have been from her body.

Apparently there are two samples, one an exact match and one a partial match.

Surely someone has to stop this DNA train and ask to get off and ask what it is based on, where is it leading and what does it prove?

I hold no particular candle for the McCann's, but then I wish them no ill will either. I have watched this situation unfold with sympathy but little comment. However, I do have to wonder if they are not about to find out what happens if you appeal to the general publics better nature for too long which is that it will come back and bite like a rabid dog.

The Telegraph has this.


Nuno said...

Or, just perhaps, this is actual solid evidence which comes to show the total xenophobic hysteria of the British press from the onset of the case.

Anonymous said...

Benny, I have noticed that you never return to previous posts once a new one is published.
With this in mind, I commend this
link for your reading as a follow up to yesterday.

Anonymous said...

Without wishing to get involved in what I consider to be an overblown clusterf*ck of the first order, here is my 2 cents.
In british law, reasonable doubt would be a defence.
Despite whatever DNA evidence is present, given the time-line, number of days, and the multipeople access to the rental car in question, any recommendation for prosecution has to be a statement by the recommending power, that they are "in on the fix"

Anonymous said...

"Benny, I have noticed that you never return to previous posts once a new one is published".
I hope you do return.
And read.

Anonymous said...

I'm curious as to why you feel sympathy yet, before a decision has been made about whether to bring charges against Kate and Gerry McCann? If the allegations are false, sympathy will pour out from every corner of the media, but what if they're true?

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

I don't know what to believe any more but all this is terrible, whatever happened.. Surely the Portuguese police know that they will be the laughing stock of the world if they mess this up and that they could be sued out of existence? What is this doing to the couple's other 2 children?

Chris Paul said...

Interesting thing is that the Spanish police appear pretty good at keeping schtum. The DNA stuff is leaking out from the McCanns by the look of it.

That all the speculation on this is because of questions put to the McCanns.

Eurodog said...

There is no smoke without fire.