Sunday, September 09, 2007

If the car is so important why are the McCann's still driving it?

Is broadly the headline and import of this article in today's Mail on Sunday.

God question I'd say. Either the car is vital evidence in which case it should have been impounded or it isn't in which case the latest allegations are a load of old twaddle. There is of course a third possibility, namely that the police investigating the crime are in fact the Key Stone Cops.

Meanwhile, the McCann's are heading home. I suspect that their other children really miss home, as well as their sister Madeleine.


Anonymous said...

The fourth explanation is of course that the Portuguese police are tired of being ridiculed in the UK press, and this is their way of saying to the parents "Listen, you publicity seeking whores, f*ck-off back to the UK, and let this total clusterf*ck be forgotten".

Time will tell.

Benedict White said...

Anonymous, Well, there is that.