Tuesday, September 18, 2007

McCann's Innocent Shocker!

In a remarkable turn a Judge in Portugal has found that the police there are in fact talking bollocks not in possession of a watertight case and can't demand that the McCann's return.

I must admit I am shocked, I thought they had them bang to rights with the theory that one of them nipped out with the body and hid it in a road works for 25 days of searing heat without people noticing the smell (does that town really smell that bad?) or that the local priest gave out keys to any passing holiday maker to hide bodies in the fridge at the Church which other members of the congregation were obviously to polite to query when they opened the fridge.

However, a judge does not give these theories credence. I wonder why?

The Sun has this, the Daily Dianna Express has this, whilst the Mirror has this.


PJ F, San Francisco said...

Is there ever an end to this nonsense of Richard Branson funding Kate and Gerry McCann with £100,000 to assist in their legal costs?
Yesterday, I have called Virgin Atlantic to inform them of my boycott; my conscience prevents me from flying Virgin Atlantic , or purchasing any Virgin Records.
With such an air of silence, and rampant speculation, how on earth is Sir Richard better informed to the merits of this case than we are? Is Brandson really convinced that Madeleine is still alive; furthermore, does he really care?
Surely, he is contributing to the blatant abuse of promoting 'a law for the rich and a law for the poor?'
If EU policing seems so obviously corrupt as reported about Portugal ’s police investigations around Madeline's abduction; how does throwing good money into the McCann's defense ensure better policing for the future?
I foresee this case turning very bitter in the weeks to come. I am convinced that the McCann and their associates know much, much more than they currently care to admit to, and why does Kate have 40 outstanding unanswered questions? - Maddy R.I.P.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I think the McCanns are innocent.