Thursday, September 27, 2007

Gordon Brown backed by Jonah!

Whilst many of my blogging colleagues (See Guido here and Dizzy here) have picked up on the fact that so much of Gordon Brown's speech was recycled Bob Shrum for people like Al Gore, I would like to point out that Bob is in fact Jonah, having backed 8 losers in a row.

It has to be said that Gordon Brown did win the leadership, but only by ensuring there would be no election. He is not in a position to do that for a general election is he?

The comment comes from this original piece by the Fink here, whilst the Times also has this.

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CROWN said...

good to see that gordon only mentioned that his father was a minister twice and we got his mark twain joke again.

On the Jonah theme - I think in was nick robinson on his blog a while ago listing all the disasters we have had since GB's self election and wondered if we would have a plague of frogs next. Well we did not but we have had a credit crunch and a bluetongue plague. Next on the list is a housing crash.