Friday, September 14, 2007

Madeleine overdose anyone?

It seems the tabloids (apart from the Sun) will go with speculation that Madeleine McCann died of an overdose.


We have had no confession, and unremarkably no toxicology report as no body has been found. So where does this speculation come from? Apparently some rumour that bodily fluids were found in the boot of the hire car which prove it. Whose bodily fluids? Are we sure that cross contamination has not occurred?

Well, apparently our forensic service is more than skeptical about these claims and rightly so. I am not ruling it out, but that is just tosh to sell papers.

Meanwhile the Daily Mail does have this piece on diary entries which have been leaked by the evidently not that shy Portuguese police.

The upshot of the entries leaked is the Kate McCann found motherhood challenging.

Could any mothers who felt it was like falling of a log backwards please leave their comments?


transfattyacid said...

I suggest you try to keep up with the story

Pumpkin said...

I have three hyperactive children ages two to four. Some days I feel like pulling out my hair.

That is normal. I am human and my kids are kids.

Does that mean I am going to hurt one of my kids? Absolutely not!

Just because she had trouble controling her daughter doesn't mean she killed her. If that were true most kids wouldn't make it past three.

I don't know what happened. For the moment no one does. All I know is that a little girl is missing or worse.

ChrisD said...

I have avoided making any comments on this story up till now, but a couple of things in the last couple of days have really disturbed me. Watching Newsnight on Thursday (I think), they did an in-depth report and one comment from a publisher in Portugal really struck me as odd. They made the point that the Portuguese press reports had proved that they had got it right and British media got it wrong!!
It made me wonder if the McCanns (who have made no secret of their belief that the US model of *publicity* was their best chance of finding a lead to Maddy) had been caught in a war between the British and Portuguese media.
Just remember how critical the British press have been of the police investigation, and then tie that in with some of the completely over the top and lurid stories attributed to *leaks* from police sources.
There is also a disturbing report on Sky's website today about a similar case four years ago, it was just a few miles away from where Maddy was taken. If the Sky report is accurate about the circumstances of that case then it really makes me concerned.

Benedict White said...

transfattyacid, What story? It is mostly wild unfounded speculation?

Pumpkin, yes, point noted. Having difficult children does not make you someone who will then kill a child, then hide it whilst drumming up mass publicity looking for the child.

ChrisD, yes I think the McCann's are caught in a bigger war between the media of both countries.