Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Cancer latest: Sun gives and cures cancer!

In the latest study on cancer, this time lung cancer it has been found that exposure to sunlight produces vitamin D (which has been known for a long time) which in turn helps prevent and control lung cancer growth as well as possibly other cancers.

Excessive sunlight is also known to cause cancers as well, which just goes to show you can't win.

The BBC has this here.


TedHutchinson said...

The full text of the research linking lung cancer incidence to low vitamin D status is here add http to

Just looking at the lung cancer figures it is clear these excess deaths caused by sun avoidance are greater than the deaths excessive sun exposure may cause.

Consider why the human skin in so called civilised countries is so much more prone to skin cancer than in primite cultures where daily full body sun exposure in strong sunlight latitudes is the norm?

Is our current low omega 3 status implicated?

Is low consumption of raw fruit and veg and consequently it may be the absence of antioxidants in your skin, that function as a natural sunscreen blocking excessive ultraviolet radiation from causing sunburn that is the problem.

Humans evolved naked. Our bodies are geared up to use Vitamin D from sunlight. Mankind would not have existed for thousands of years without sunscreen if sun avoidance was essential for survival.

Having optimal Vitamin D status cuts you're cancer risk by 50%.

The cheapest easiest was of achieving optimal vitamin d satus is
REGULAR (not intermittent, your skin needs to be kept used to sunlight)
SHORT (the process is selflimiting and long exposure processes excess vitamin D3 into substances the body cannot use)
exposures when your shadow is shorter than your height (uvb present sufficient to warm the skin, the process is heat driven)

Benedict White said...

Many thanks for the link Ted.