Thursday, December 06, 2007

More Labour Sleaze over Paul Myners?

This is beginning to stretch credibility. Just how can a government be so institutionally corrupt without the ability to hide it just a little bit?

Paul Myners was appointed to head the governments drive to get people to save for their pensions. Good idea. When appointed in July we were assured that he was just a businessman, no party connections, and oh no, no donations to any political party.

Hmmm.. Then last week on Question Time he laid in to David Cameron and George Osborn as "toffs" etc. You can make up the rest.

Well, it turns out that in May he donated to Gordon Brown's leadership campaign.

Obviously his position is way past untenable, but then so is whoever said he had not donated to a political party.

Why do they think they can get away with this sort of thing?


The Independent has this.

hat tip to 'Me' on for the link.

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CFD Ed said...

You wouldn't credit it in a novel - unless it was by someone like Tom Sharpe.