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Madeline McCann, a made up story...

What follows is a completely made up story explaining the disappearance of Madeline McCann. That said, it seems no more made up that some of what has appeared in the press so here goes...

A made up McCanns Story

Maddy was different. Maddys parents Kate and Gerry did not know why she was different but they certainly felt that she had changed. Maddys personality seemed to blow hot and cold for no reason, but this was not always just sometimes. There was also the fact that Maddy would seem to have good physical co-ordination one moment and poor physical co-ordination the next.

Gerry and Kate were both doctors. Gerry was a consultant cardiologist and Kate a GP. They applied there collective knowledge to try and see if there was a medical explanation. Kate took blood and urine samples and sent them for analysis. This was not done under Maddy’s name but under a made up name of Penelope. Both Gerry and Kate wanted privacy for their sick child. There was also the mater of doctors administering to their own children which is frowned upon.

The tests of the blood and urine samples came back. They provided no answers. More tests were carried out but again no answers were found. There were not even any clues.

Kate and Gerry discussed how they might be able to find out more information while still maintaining some privacy. They decided to ask some of their medical friends for help.

These were close friends. People they had known for a long time, they were good people and they could be trusted. The McCanns had been on holidays with a lot of them at one time or another. As the friends had got older these holidays turned into family affairs with children.

They invited the select group of friends for a BBQ. The friends were told of the issue with Maddy and of the McCanns pain caused by the suffering that they thought Maddy may be going through.

At the BBQ Maddy looked well. Maddy was acting just like any normal child would act. This was typical of Maddy and of her condition. She could exhibit no symptoms for days and then suddenly at the drop of a hat act strange for a day only to return to normal afterwards.

The friends discussed the problem. They all looked at the file that the McCanns had started on Maddys condition. The friends then chatted to Maddy herself. They all resolved to look into the problem. To read books, to talk to others, to provide support.

It was a close friend Bill who discovered what the problem was. On a trip to a conference in the USA Bill came across another doctor who had come across something similar. The diagnosis was that Maddy had picked up a bug eating bad pork while on holiday to Thailand. This bug had worked its way through Maddys body. This bug would normally only infect the organs such as the liver but in this instance had reached the brain. The prognosis was not good. They thought that they had stopped the bug growing but Maddy seemed to be getting worse. It was very possible that due to the bug being in the brain that the damage was irreversible. It was also possible that it could get very much worse too.

Bill was a close friend of Kate and Gerry. Bill was a GP and worked with Kate. Bill knew that Maddy would deteriorate quickly. The deterioration would be painful to both Maddy and to her parents. In discussion with Kate and Gerry it was clear that they appreciated this outcome. It was a very difficult situation to find themselves in. Both very good doctors yet unable to heal their own daughter.

Gerry and Kate were best buddies, partners, lovers as well as being man and wife. However the strain of Maddy’s illness was causing a strain on their relationship. It was not easy for the McCanns to communicate each others pain in a way that was inclusive. They were finding that it was difficult to share the pain, they were each being selfish over their own feelings towards their lovely child. This made their feeling exclusive to them and not inclusive as a family.

This is where Bill helped. Maddy was not his child but Kate and Gerry were his friends. Bill could sympathise with both allowing each of them to be selfish with him about their own feelings towards and her illness. Maddy. This was very much so with Kate with whom Bill had become a bit too fond of.

This fondness that Bill had for Kate, led bill to try and find solutions to Maddy’s illness. It was Bill who had found out the reasons for Maddy’s illness. Bill however knew that there was no cure for Maddy’s illness. Maddy was going to die and die painfully. This pain was tearing Kate apart and this hurt Bill. Bill was very selfish about his pain and he did not like it.

One of Bills interests was in pain control. Although a GP he saw this an area that he would like to gain more knowledge in and perhaps as a GP specialise in it. Maddys had a brain problem and Bill knew that this would be a very difficult pain to try and control. Bill knew further that it would be even harder to control the pain felt by Gerry and Kate. Bill decided to concentrate his effort on the pain that Kate was feeling.

Kate’s pain caused Bill pain and Bill did not like pain. Bill could not pass that pain on and just wanted to stop it. Bill was now made selfish by Maddy’s illness.

Bill’s solution to this was radical. Bill had determined that Maddy had to die and die quickly. This would cause some pain to both Gerry and to Kate but would then pass.

Bill was now thinking about how he was going help Maddy die quickly. Bill was aware that Maddy could hang on for two years or she could die next week. Bill did not know but wanted to certainty to the end of his pain. So what to do?

Kate and Gerry were aware of Bills pain management skills. Although not a consultant in this field he knew a lot about it. Kate and Gerry were still very secretive and protective over Maddy and her illness.

Bill saw the opportunity of applying too high a dose of pain killer which would act as a lethal injection. It was a matter of just increasing the strength of the dose and lying to Kate about the strength of the dose. This opportunity would present itself at some point in the next few weeks. Applying too much pain killer to Maddy would help Bills pain go away and that is what Bill wanted more than anything else.

Bills opportunity turned up a couple of weeks later. Bill was at the McCanns home when he managed to switch a dose of pain killer to a more powerful one. Bill made sure that this was the dose that would be applied to Maddy that evening. Sure enough Bill’s strong dose of pain killer was applied lovingly by Kate to Maddy to help with the pain, only to kill her.

There was real pain now. Kate was screaming, Gerry was screaming. But Bill was not there to experience the pain. Bill was at home awaiting the news that he know would come.
Kate called Bill to tell him what had happened and to selfishly tell Bill of her feelings. Bill was now in pain, it was excruciating but Bill knew that it would pass. It would go away.

Family and friends turned up at the McCanns the next morning. Maddys body was still there and not in the hospital. Kate and Gerry were so sad that they had just stayed with Maddy.

These friends now started to take over. Bill in particular wanted to take over as he did not want to have Maddy‘s body examined by the coroner. Bill explained to the other friends there that the McCanns were now in a difficult situation. There professionalism has been compromised by them tendering and administering to their own child in secret. Their careers would be over and they would be thrown out of their profession. It was now important to try and help Gerry and Kate.

A plan was arrived at. The McCanns had been on holiday with a number of friends and their families. What if they were to all go on holiday again together to a country whose police force might not be quite so interested in a foreign couple who lose one of their children. They settled on Portugal.

The plan was for several families to go on holiday. One of the children from another family was to wear Maddy’s clothes and to go with Kate and Gerry through the airport. They would also take a lot of Maddy’s clothes with them and pack for Maddy. With the child playing Maddy and using Maddy’s passport it would appear as if Maddy had left the UK for a holiday abroad. The child would then just come back as herself to the UK.

Maddy’s body was taken to the hospital one evening before the holiday and incinerated in one of the hospital furnaces. It was something that one of the other friends could organise and then bring back the ashes for Kate and Gerry.

The McCanns with their friends had now to just inform the authorities that Maddy was now missing. They had lost a daughter and they knew that would never be found.

What follows is a media storm and the McCanns are at the centre of it.

This story was not made up by me, it is someone elses... but they could surely write some of the junk in the media.

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