Sunday, December 02, 2007

Wendy Alexander to resign: Official!

Wendy Alexander, leader of Labour at Holyrood is to resign in the the next few days, or take the whole of Labour in Scotland with her.

It is clear from the front page of Scotland's Sunday Herald that her position has become entirely untenable.

The issue is related to party funding, more specifically the funding of her campaign to become leader of the Labour group in the Scottish parliament after the resignation of Jack McConnell. Wendy ended up getting the job unchallenged. However just in case she had a campaign fund organised which she used to fund a tour instead.

The crucial thing is where the money came from. One donation appeared to come from a company called CPS, but they have denied that and on further digging it turned out to come from a Paul Green of Jersey, who is not registered to vote in the UK and so not a permissible donor. That much has been admitted by the soon to be former leader of Labour in Scotland, Wendy Alexander.

Well OK, mistakes happen.

Well it has now all started to hit the fan,because it is now a question of who knew what and when. Wendy's position was that she only found about it last Thursday. That now looks a bit less credible than Comical Ali's assurances that America was about to be defeated in that famous Baghdad press conference with American tanks in the background.

Guido published this this letter from Wendy personally thanking Paul Green for his donation and sent to his address in Jersey. Wendy Alexander's team argue that whilst it came from a company entitled to donate, the letter had to go to an individual...

well the Sunday Herald's article linked to above and here just blows that apart. They have got hold of an electronic copy of a secret donor list which not only lists Paul Green as the donor, rather that the company he does not own, CPS but also clearly questions its legality. It gets worse. It looks like it was typed up on here husbands computer.

The time is definitely up for Wendy Alexander. Word has it that her brother "wee Dougie" Douglass Alexander is not going to have a good week next week either.

The Sunday Herald also has this and this on just how sleazy Labour are.

Can it get worse for Labour? I suspect it can.

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