Monday, December 03, 2007

Paul Gray resigned for 13 days!

Paul Gray the senior civil servant in charge of losing 25 million records at the HMRC resigned for 13 days! That beats most Labour ministers on the resignation reappointment stakes.

He also gets the same money, but is now working in the Cabinet office for Sir Gus O'Donnell.

Has he paid back his severance money?

Channel 4 News,which broke the story has this. Well, when they have a link on their website here I will add it. It lead there news today.

Update 22:12

Apparently a spokesman for the Cabinet office has been on to the BBC and told them he is merely working out his notice, as that was felt to be better value for the tax payer.

Fair enough... if true.


Anonymous said...

Could'nt make it up could you.

Cox says said...

They have lost the plot. It just goes to show NONE have them have ever worked in the private sector. Actually, I tell a lie, I think Jack Straw ran the tuck shop at his school, once.

Fitaloon said...

At least he had the decency to resign !