Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Donorgate: Labour's fifth man?

There is an article in the Telegraph online, which will probably make it into the paper today. It leads on Peter Hain and his "administrative error" (which will be the subject of a later post) but goes on to give some interesting information.

George Crawford, a Newcastle based solicitor has been doing some digging and found that a George Crawford had donated £36,000 to Labour in 2004. The thing is that was not George Crawford the solicitor and he suspects his identity may have been stolen. He has has a complaint to Northumbria police who have passed that on to Scotland yard.

So Donorgate looks set for yet another round.

Meanwhile, no one responsible for this has resigned except Peter Watt. Wendy Alexander still hangs on despite the fact that her position has gone way passed untenable. Peter Hain is still there as well. Harriet Harman who ought as a lawyer to know still is as well.

Shocking isn't it? More on Donorgate here.

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