Sunday, December 16, 2007

Conservatives get biggest poll share since 1992

In a poll for the Sunday Times, by Yougov the Conservatives have the biggest poll share since 1992, (just after the election) the biggest poll share Yougov have ever reported and their biggest lead in any poll for something like 20 years.

The Conservatives are on 45% (+2) Labour 32%(NC) and the Liberal Democrats on 14% (NC).

According to Anthony Wells election calculator that gives the following seat shares:

Conservatives 373
Labour 230
Liberal Democrats 18
Others 29

A Conservative majority of 96!

Having said all that it is a December poll, and we will have to see what other polls turn up. What is also interesting is that Labour tried a bit of a relaunch last week, with Ed Balls 10 year plan for children, massive off shore wind farms and welfare reform. The only problem is that they were too busy making mistakes for anyone to notice.

The poll results are available here in PDF format.

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