Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Labour 8% behind with Populus!

A poll conducted for the Times published today shows the Conservatives back in the lead. Last months Populus poll had Labour on 37%, the Conservatives on 36% and the Liberal Democrats on 16%. At the time it was one poll that still provided some comfort for Labour.

Well no longer. Today's figures are Conservative 40% (+4) Labour 32% (-5) and the Liberal Democrats on 16% (NC).

It is nice to see Populus have caught up. This is the best ever figure for the Conservative party since Populus started polling. What is clear is that the Conservative party has a clear lead, for the moment. Not good enough for a clear election victory but a lead that can be built upon.

According to Anthony Wells swing calculator that would give a hung parliament with the Conservatives on 320 seats, Labour on 269 and the Liberal Democrats on 30 with others on 31.

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