Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas to every one!

I just thought I would wish everyone a merry Christmas, or for those of other religions, happy Eid, Hanuka and Divali (if they are at the right time of year).

For all the members of the secular society who think we should either not celebrate at all, or be celebrating "winterval" I say bah humbug!


flashgordonnz said...

Any Merry Christmas to you, too, Mr BW!

flashgordonnz said...

That was "And".

Santa brought me a copy of Tom Bower's book on Brown, knowing how strongly I feel about the man.

Benedict White said...

Many thanks Flash!

I hear it is not the kindest book on Brown!

I got a book called "Wholly Irresponsible Experiments" which tells you, amongst other things, how to make a jet of diet coke that will shoot 45 feet! (15M) with nothing more than a bottle of coke, a test tube, bit of card and some sweets!

flashgordonnz said...

That's really irresponsible: that book should be banned. LOL

I think this could be the "film of the [your] book":