Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Wendy Alexander: Emails will clear my name!

Well, no they won't. For a start you are the brother of Wee Dougie, and along with Ed Balls, his name is mud in the Labour party right now because they are both juvenile idiots seeming to have no political experience at all. However I digress.

Wendy Alexander, the soon to be ex leader of the Scottish Labour party, (but please note, hanging on long enough to do them serious damage) claims email correspondence will clear her name for she laughably claims she asked questions.

No they won't.

There are only two relevant questions to ask, and they are of the donor, and indeed the donee, (that is wee Wendy) must ask them. They are:

Are you donating in a personal or business capacity?

If personal, are you registered to vote in the UK mainland, or if business is the company incorporated in the UK.

That is it. No ifs, no buts.

Not hard is it?

The BBC has this.

For more on Donorgate see here.

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Cox says said...

Wee Wendy can't be long for the big house - swapping a red rosette for an orange jump suite.