Monday, February 05, 2007

48 Hours to question a suspect!

Just in case you missed it as it has been hidden in the reports of the terrorism arrests in Birmingham this week, but none of the suspects arrested were questioned at all for 48 hours after arrest.

No doubt John Reid will be asking for more than 28 days to question suspects, and insist we need 90. Well, if when they have 28 they waste 2 I have to say no. In fact, if they still only had 14, I suspect they would have started interrogation well within 24 hours. The longer they have the longer they will take.


Timothy said...

Just leave them to "stew", whilst their life is wrecked because they are stuck in a jail cell. Fabulous.

Benedict White said...

Yes. Not good is it Timothy.

As someone wrote elsewhere the longer they have the longer they will take.
It is not good for community relations either. I hope there is a very very good reason for it.