Sunday, February 25, 2007

Trouble for Labour in Scotland

According to the Sunday Herald in this report, Steven Lawther the "spin doctor" and electoral strategist in charge of Labour's campaign north of the border has resigned for "family reasons".

Well actually according to the report it is because they just don't get on up north, well, in the Labour party any way! The loss of local talent means that Labour's campaign in Scotland is in the hands of Labour's London mob, for example John McTernan. Readers of this blog and Guido's will have heard of him. He is a little bit involved in the Cash for Peerages scandal. You can read this, or this or indeed this.

Needless to say Alex Salmond and the SNP are over the moon, as indeed all Labour's opponents must be. Some are saying it is the worst campaign they have seen in 20 years.

May's elections are going to be like watching a slow motion train wreck for Labour supporters.

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