Sunday, February 11, 2007

A Profile of Guido Fawkes

BBC Radio 4 has just broadcast a profile of the notorious blogger Guido Fawkes. Personally I like Guido's blog, and read it daily, though generally not first thing in the morning because he seems to start later than I do.

You can visit the program website here, and listen again here.

Guido's blog is available either here or here.

I have to say the most interesting thing is that the main stream media is reporting on bloggers and blogging. Obviously political blogging is making waves and ruffling feathers. It seems some in the establishment are upset. Good.

Martin Salter MP seems to be upset whilst there is talk that the powers that be wish to curtail political blogs. China here we come! The whole bloggosphere needs to turn around from right, left and center and say No way!

The program outed Guido, but then I suppose that has been done to death and everyone who wanted to know probably already knows his name. It also described him as an anarcho capitalist. Interesting description.

Any way. Listen to the program.

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