Monday, February 19, 2007

Tony Blair promises more on the NHS

I have to say i was a bit perplexed to read that Tony Blair was promising to get theaters working around the clock to make waiting for procedures a thing of the past.

Having watched the BBC program, Can Gerry Robinson save the NHS? and knowing that routine surgery only takes place days a week where he was I had to laugh. After all, why get then working 24 hours a day when you cant get them working on Friday afternoons.

However this report from the Sunday Times does make interesting reading. I wonder what Dr Crippen will think of it?

Tony Blair is making a pledge to cut waiting times from a GP deciding to send you off to a consultant to surgery (if that is what is recommended) to 18 weeks or less.

I have to say I am sceptical. The reason why this does not happen at the moment is not that hospitals can't cope though some no doubt can't, but so many PCT's have run out of money to fund the operations so they just don't get done. Again from Dr Crippen is this sad sorry tale from Yorkshire of all sorts of basic operations either not available for now or for ever, to save money.

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