Sunday, February 04, 2007

Cash for Peerages, Charges to be made!

Well speculation is rife in the Sunday papers this morning over the cash for peerages allegations.

The News of the world has this, which speculates that John McTernan's evidence to police has been most helpful, and led to the arrests of Lord Levy and Ruth Turner as well as the second questioning of Tony Blair. There is some speculation about what will happen to Chris Evans, the bio tech millionaire and Labour Donor. The paper also suggests involvement by Jonathan Powell.

The Sunday Times believes there was a meeting to discuss a cover up, with Lord Levy, Ruth Turner and possibly John McTernan. It's article is here.

The Independent on Sunday has this, largely backing up the others papers take on things whilst the Sunday Telegraph has this on how things are going in the Downing street bunker.

I must say I am constantly amused by those who insist this investigation will, or should come to nothing. It appears they were wrong.

Guido also has this, and Iain Dale has this. (In fact Iain seems to have the whole NOTW article which is handy, becaus they don't seem to have an archive.)


Chris Paul said...

You can get a contrary view and also a click through to the News of the World piece at "NOTW" HERE. Cheers me dears.

Benedict White said...

Thanks Chris paul. I had a look, and I have to say that it must feel like defending the Alamo for you godd folks on the other side of the fence.