Thursday, February 01, 2007

Cash for Peerages, Blair interviewed again!

Apparently on Friday the 26th of January. The police wanted a news blackout. Very interesting indeed.

The BBC has this.

More news as it comes in!

Shocking stuff. We do not know any further details, for example we do not know if it was under caution.

For more on the Cash for peerages scandal see here.

Update 12:30

It appears that the interview lasted for 45 minutes, and was not under caution. Tony Blair and a civil service note taker were present as well as an unknown number of police.

The police requested the media blackout. That was lifted today. We do not as yet know why they made the request or why they lifted it today.

The Telegraph has this, the Daily Mail has this whilst the Times has this. Guido must be loving it, and he has this here. Iain Dale has this.

Update 13:19

According to Nick Robinson on Radio 4 the police presented a document or documents about meetings discussing peerages and possibly donations in which Lord Levy was present. He also pointed out that Lord Levy is the only person so far arrested for Conspiracy to pervert the course of justice. For there to be a conspiracy there must be at least two people involved.

Who, one wonders, are the others?

Murkier and murkier!

Update 14:55

Nick Robinson has an interesting piece on his blog, with more on what was put to Lord Levy when he was arrested. See here.

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