Thursday, February 15, 2007

What is it with this stupid blogwar?

I note the stupid blog war rolls on. It seems it started because one Tim Ireland got the hump with Guido. Diddums.

It has now involved Iain Dale and 18 Doughty Street, as objects of ire. The pratts people who appear to be involved include Tim Ireland, Tom Watson, Bob Piper and Unity on Minitrue. Now Tom Watson, in an example of utmost immaturity has "outed" Praguetory. Praguetory also has this.

Firstly just who does Tim Ireland think he is defining what people can and can't do on the Internet? What sort of jumped up person thinks they can define how someone should behave on their own private website? If you don't like someones blog, don't read it. Simple. (Well for most people it is, but apparently not for tiny Tim.)

Then why "out" anonymous bloggers? Just because you can? Does it make you feel hard Tom? Grow up.

Lastly, if you don't like someones message attack the message not the messenger. If necessary on your own blog. Don't get jealous because someone elses is more popular.

I should also add they are now attacking message space, the advertising agency which places ads on political blogs. Is this because they don't get any add revenue of their own? Oh dear, diddums.


stupid sock puppets said...

Tom Watson and Tim Ireland are very close. Wonder how Tim's angry 'collectivist' mob of morally outraged bloggers like Tyger and Unity feel about being used and manipulated so easily by Gordon's men?

Benedict White said...

Who knows, perhaps they are too angry to notice?

enough already! said...

Tim Ireland puts the maniac in monomaniac.

chatterbox said...

I criticised the Guido 2.0 site on Guido's blog, I believe that I am now categorised as a Guido loving moron. My comment has been mentioned on both Guido 2.0 and bloggerheads!
He seems to be attacking anyone who does not agree with him in their blogs or in comments thread, which in light of his own behaviour is really hypocritical. Creepy.

Benedict White said...

Enough already and Chatterbox, I have to say I think Tim Ireland et al are becomming a joke. They need to lighten up!

chatterbox said...

"They need to lighten up!"
But to do that Benedict, they would have to climb down from the moral high ground from which they preach and develop a sense of humour.