Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Road Pricing Petition Closed at 1,792,263 signatures

Yes, the road pricing petition has closed, with 1,792,263 signatures, which it appears will not change government policies one jot, but will get us all an email from Tony saying why we are mistaken.

Fantastic. I will look forward to it. Not!

The petition is here, whilst the BBC has this.

For more see here.

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Anonymous said...

We at The Car Party are vehemently opposed to road pricing and congestion
charging, increasing the population of this country beyond acceptable levels
and the ever widening poverty gap between rich and poor are essential
political failures. Road pricing will see a rise in costs for no benefit,
people will move home, forcing the low paid into ghettos of high congestion
and road pricing areas whilst the rich will be able to enjoy the benefits of
increased unemployment and a lowering of customer services due to being
served by more cheap and mobile migrant workers.

Road pricing will bring about the social upheaval that The Friends Of The
Earth seek and the lower paid and working classes will pay the price for
academic meddling.

Re nationalizing the railways to escape the profit motive and allowing more
parking spaces and free public transport from a publicly owned transport
system is the way forward.

1.8 Million people have said No to road pricing it is unacceptable and The
Car Party has been formed to represent the majority motorist view.

Perhaps those who advocate such a scheme would prefer a means tested system
where only those earning say £30,000 plus should be allowed to own a car.

Should you wish to know more please call me on 01746 862293