Saturday, February 17, 2007

Something right on the Railways

I went to the Brighton Model World exhibition at the Brighton Center in, well, Brighton.

In previous years I have gone by car. This involves either struggling with the various one way systems designed to annoy motorists and cause havoc, or alternatively to provide clear bus and taxi routes (depending on who you chose to believe), or going via Hove and then sitting in a queue of between a half a mile to a mile for half an hour before getting an extortionately priced car parking space.

Well, this year I took my children by train, as I did to Alexandra Palace last month.

£3 parking at Haywards Heath, £7 for the train (for all of us) and that was it. So much easier than driving into Brighton, but then where I was going was not a long walk from the train station and the weather was good.

I certainly would not want to have to go that way to get to the hospital in Brighton if I could help it, as you would have to get a bus or taxi afterwards if there is one running.

That said there was one thing that made me titter at the Railways. The train I caught was a First Capital Connect train. The train arrived on time but left late. The driver apologised and blamed this on a signal box at Three Bridges favouring Southern Trains!

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